Box content

Our boxes are carefully composed with monthly new products from our partners and always have one retail value of at least 50 EUR! 🎁 The specific content of the future boxes remains a surprise, but we always share after delivery. You can read here which brands will be represented in this month's box. Delivery is always at the end of the month.


January 2021 

Delivery: end of January

Brands in the box: Souplesse, Strong Supplies, YourChocolate, City of Ostend.


December 2020

The Vandal: hat, Grinta !: cycling cap, Aktiv-8: bike wash, Decca: glasses cloth, Coup d'Barre: energy bar, Driver Espresso (Grandmother's Coffee): coffee, Chamois Butt'r: chamois and Pulso Prevention lab / Sportsolid / Surplace : discount coupon

November 2020

The Vandal: T-shirt, Aktiv-8: Chain clear lube, Decca: glasses cloth, Sports2: 2 energy bars, Souplesse: discount coupon and BBB Cycling: drinking bottle.

October 2020

Grinta !: two magazines, Decca: mouth mask, Belgian Boys Club: cycling socks, Coup d'Barre: 2 Ravito natural energy bars, Sports2: 2 Fast Fuel energy gels and Trisport Pharma: nutrition package (energy bar, fruit bar, energy gel, isotonic powder) + drinking bottle


We take strict precautions, such as the use of gloves and mouth masks when filling the boxes, in the context of the corona virus.

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