Box content

The boxes are carefully composed with new products from the partners and always have a retail value of at least EUR 50! 🎁 The specific content of the future boxes remains a surprise, but we always share it after delivery. You can read here which brands will be represented in this month's box. Delivery is always at the end of the month.

For filling the boxes, Bidon Collant works together with SOBO vzw, they ensure that your box is put together with care.


March 2022

Still a secret 😉


February 2022

Nutrition package (6D Sports Nutrition), water bottle (6D Sports Nutrition), magazine (GRINTA!), cycling socks (The Vandal), neck warmer (Bonk)

January 2022

2 inner tubes (Aktiv-8), 3 CO2 cartridges + regulator (Aktiv-8), magazine (GRINTA!), 2 energy bars (Neapharma) & bag of granola (Seppe's Granola).

November + December 2021

Hat (The Vandal), coffee (Grandmother's coffee), racing cap (GRINTA!), Silix gel (Labophar), mudguard (Ass saver x Souplesse), 2 protein bars (Sports2)

October 2021

Magazine (GRINTA!), chain clean (Aktiv-8), Intense hot gel (Révvi) and Vitamin D Complex Ultra (Labophar)!

September 2021

Aerosocks (Souplesse), gin (Kuitenbijter), Magazine (Cycling)

August 2021

T-shirt (The Vandal), magazine (GRINTA!), energy bars (Sports2 or 6D), bidon (Belgian Cycling)

July 2021

Grinta!: magazine, Révvi: anti friction creme, 6D Sports Nutrition: energy cake, isotonic powder, protein bar and energy gel, Bicloo: card holder made from recycled inner tubes.

June 2021

Flexibility: gloves, BBB Cycling: tire levers, Cycling: magazine & GRINTA!: scratch card Italian cols.

May 2021


Belgian Crew: neck warmer, Cycling: magazine, Labophar: supplement Silix Mobility, Kwaremont: bottle of beer, Bidon Collant: drinking bottle & BONK: discount coupon.

April 2021

Seppe's Granola: granola + granola bar, THRIVE: blik recoverybier, AKTIV-8 binnenbanden (2), GRINTA!: magazine (or 2 Coup d'Barre ravito's), Labophar: MagnePlusD 60, Sports2: 2 fast fuel gels (or 2 energy bars)

March 2021

Cycling: magazine, Sportsbalm: muscle repair lotion, Café Copain: 200g coffee beans, Aktiv-8: CO2 cartridges + control drive, Cyclist: bottle of beer, De Seingever: sticker.

 February 2021

One (super cool) item 😎

January 2021 

Flexibility: arm warmers, Strong Supplies: nutritional package (recovery powder, isotonic powder and energy gel), YourChocolate: chocolate sweater and water bottle, City of Ostend: free ticket 'Droogvis, Slijk & Algipan'


We take strict precautions, such as the use of gloves and mouth masks when filling the boxes, in the context of the coronavirus.