Box content

The boxes are carefully composed with monthly new products from our partners and always have one retail value of at least 50 EUR! 🎁 The specific content of the future boxes remains a surprise, but we always share after delivery. You can read here which brands will be represented in this month's box. Delivery is always at the end of the month.


May 2021: still secret 😉


April 2021

Seppe's Granola: granola + granola bar, THRIVE: can of recovery beer, AKTIV-8 inner tubes (2), GRINTA!: magazine (or 2 Coup d'Barre ravitos), Labophar: MagnePlusD 60, Sports2: 2 fast fuel gels (or 2 energy bars)

March 2021

Cycling: magazine, Sportsbalm: muscle repair lotion, Café Copain: 200g coffee beans, Aktiv-8: CO2 cartridges + control drive, Cyclist: bottle of beer, De Seingever: sticker.

February 2021

One (super cool) item 😎

January 2021 

Souplesse: arm warmers, Strong Supplies: nutrition package (recovery powder, isotonic powder and energy gel), YourChocolate: chocolate sweater and water bottle, City of Ostend: free ticket "Droogvis, Slijk & Algipan"

December 2020

The Vandal: hat, Grinta !: cycling cap, Aktiv-8: bike wash, Decca: glasses cloth, Coup d'Barre: energy bar, Driver Espresso (Grandmother's Coffee): coffee, Chamois Butt'r: chamois and Pulso Prevention lab / Sportsolid / Surplace : discount coupon

November 2020

The Vandal: T-shirt, Aktiv-8: Chain clear lube, Decca: glasses cloth, Sports2: 2 energy bars, Souplesse: discount coupon and BBB Cycling: drinking bottle.

October 2020

Grinta !: two magazines, Decca: mouth mask, Belgian Boys Club: cycling socks, Coup d'Barre: 2 Ravito natural energy bars, Sports2: 2 Fast Fuel energy gels and Trisport Pharma: nutritional package (energy bar, fruit bar, energy gel, isotonic powder) + drinking bottle


We take strict precautions, such as the use of gloves and mouth masks when filling the boxes, in the context of the corona virus.

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