Goodbye 2020, hello 2021 👋

The last three months have been the first of Bidon Collant, and they can actually be considered a big test. And what a great result! A total of 225 boxes were sold, there were even people who bought annual subscriptions before one box was delivered. That was completely unexpected. 🤯 I cannot thank you enough for your overwhelming enthusiasm. 🙏 

The partners I work with are also not just suppliers, but all of them people who attach great importance to quality, who like to share their passion and are involved in the story that Bidon Collant wants to bring. It's great to strong Belgian brands discover and collaborate with both local start-ups and established companies. I am genuinely proud of that. 😇

Now is the time to shift up a gear and in order to continue to surprise you, I have to take a more professional approach in 2021. 🚀

Platoon 🚴

The focus of Bidon Collant is you, the cyclist, the bicycle enthusiast. Because I want to bring us all together, the activities will be expanded with joint rides and also a B2B offer.

There are already nice projects in the risers for the spring of 2021, I am eager to share them with you! 😎


price 💶

Bidon Collant has not yet brought me a euro and although financial gain is not my goal, it is of course important to be a financially healthy company. In order to be able to continue to guarantee quality, a price increase is really necessary. A box will become 2 EUR more expensive, or less cheap, from January, and the prices will also be round. Bidon Collant stands for transparent communication and prices ending in cents are not one of them. In concrete terms, a one-time Domestique box costs EUR 33 from January, a Kopman subscription EUR 27 per month and a Superdomestique subscription EUR 295.

This also applies to current Kopman subscriptions. You will of course have the opportunity to cancel your subscription if you are not willing to pay EUR 27 per month. That is your free choice, absolutely no hard feelings, just send an email to

Deliveries 📦

Many will have noticed: I did the deliveries myself. That was great fun, so I could get in touch with you immediately. Charming as that was, it is also very time consuming. And therefore unsustainable. So there will be cooperation with a courier company. The main consequence is that home delivery will no longer be free, here 4 EUR per delivery per address will be charged. 

However, I want to be able to continue to offer you a free option, in the form of pick-up locations at local cycling hubs. Think of bicycle cafes, bicycle shops, bicycle museums, etc. in your area. This also gives an extra dimension to the Bidon Collant peloton and together we can support local entrepreneurs. 👍 In addition, this delivery option is more environmentally friendly than home delivery, because you can go close to your box on foot, by bicycle or by public transport. Feel free to share your favorite cycling hub in the area, and who knows, they might be open to become a pick-up location for Bidon Collant. 😊 There are currently pick-up locations in Ghent, Antwerp, Oudenaarde and Bruges.

Current subscriptions will automatically transfer to pick-up delivery, unless you agree to paid home delivery. Each subscriber will receive an e-mail for this, in which the price changes are explained again and you can make your choice.


Environment 🌍

I am aware that Bidon Collant sends a lot of cardboard into the world. That is why we look at the Superdomestiques (annual subscribers) reusable boxes to use. A formula will also be considered to be able to offer this to Kopman subscribers. The normal cardboard boxes may also always be returned to the cycling hubs so that they can be recovered.

Feedback 😍

I love feedback and this remains one of the pillars of Bidon Collant. Bidon Collant wants to continue to surprise you every month with quality and variety. That starts with me, the first check is always: “Would I like to get this myself?”. But you are my main sounding board, that's why I always really appreciate any feedback, the positive and the negative. 📊 You can learn and take action from both. For example, it was one of the subscribers who pointed out the use of reusable boxes to me. The flyer that was added with a word of explanation about the content of the box was also a result of your feedback on the October box.

These are the 5 topics I wanted to discuss with you. 
Questions? Shoot! I’m always available via!

See you soon
Happy end of the year 🌟

Road captain Bidon Collant

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